Lena Medoyeff

A Lena Medoyeff dress is handmade in the American west, embodies a spirit of independence, and compromise on quality.  It is easy to wear, and fits almost any venue.  

Lena dresses are handmade from all natural silk or 100% cotton, colored by natural vegetable and mineral dyes, and stitched by talented seamstresses who earn a living wage.

12 week delivery time. Prices start at $1,300.




Kite & Butterfly

Currently based in the Hollywood Hills, Kite & Butterfly gowns are designed by identical twin sisters from Australia. With early ambitions to be French pop stars, the duo have lived and sang in Paris, London, and Berlin. Their European travels inspired a love of fashion, music and art.

Kite & Butterfly’s pieces are truly bohemian chic, reminiscent of Parisian gardens, with soft floral laces, vintage-inspired embellishments, and delicate beaded fringe.

Prices range from $700 - $1,500.

Currently, we have quite a few in stock to be sold off-the-rack, but we are happy to custom order new gowns for you in other sizes, etc. (+/-8 weeks).










Kathryn Bass Bridal

Arriving January 2018 is the Kathryn Bass New Romantics collection.  In essence, the ability to create your own look from carefully curated tops and skirts.  All pieces are made to order in her Vancuver, British Columbia studio. 

14 week delivery time.  Separates (2 pieces) start at $1200, gowns $2,000.














Edith Elan

élan; n. Energy, style and enthusiasm

Their 2018 collection is inspired by he art installation "Intersections" from the artist Anila Quayyum Agha.  Clean and modern crepe and lace details.  Handmade to order in Chicago, Illinois.

14 week delivery time. Prices start at $1,800.


New Romantics 2018_1.jpg
Edith Elan Leyla - 2018 American Bridal Designer 30.jpg